Seven Days of Sundogs, Day 2 Truck Dogs

The Sun Dog Drift

    7 days-8If you read this blog you may have seen this photo or one just like it.

Except someone is missing.

RIP Mr. Lassen and know they are still saving your place.7 days-6Yolo is doing OK as the only boy around now.

Here he is hanging with the girls.

He is always happy in the truck.

What dog isn’t happy in a truck?7 days-7Speaking of the girls.

Here they are.

I try to get Sasha to perk up her ears like her mom and Aunt.

Not going to happen.7 days-10The more I try to get her interest the more she looks away.

How about those pink tongues?7 days-9How far to the ground Nevada?

Don’t even think about it.7 days-5Who me?

I would never disobey.

Just look at how nicely I sit and stay.7 days-4Before we were getting ready to go, so tailgate up.

Now we have been so so tailgate…

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