off to Winspit, Worth Matravers, and the Priests Way

Photographs of The day , love these.

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Sitting above Dancing Ledgemight be fun, but we still had plenty of walking ahead of us.

So back up the steps through the curious National Trust barrier and off we go again heading west.

Before we move on I’ll give one last look back, at this fabulous old quarry.

Dancing ledge behind usAnd we’re en route to Winspit where we’ll head back inland.

All along the way we come across folk intent on scaling the heights.


Are they all deranged?  Or am I jealous that I couldn’t possibly replicate their exploits?

Probably the latter!

We trundle along, enjoying the sunshine and the occasional sight of Stonechat perched atop the wire fencing.

Roz is in the vanguard whilst i’m snapping away at this and that.

Pressing On

If you look closely you’ll see a notched out cliff which could just as easily be a line drawing from a Private Eye cartoon.

That’s one for another…

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