Chicken Incredulous

So perfect.. A poem about Chickens 😀

Through the Lens of my Life

My neighbor’s wandering chickens always provide opportunities for photographs and were the inspiration for my poem today.  🙂

Chicken Incredulous

One foot lifts to   h  o  v  e  r
then is placed methodically down,
followed by the   o  t  h  e  r
methodically placed,
head thrusting forward and
like a slow piston,
in rhythm to her steps.

Her neck swivels
this way and that,
then abruptly her head pivots,
fixing my gaze.

Eye to red eye
with the visitor in my backyard,
accusingly she stares
and declares
the intruder.

Copyright © 2015 Terry Boswell

This post is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “Connect.” Perhaps I’ve taken liberties with the prompt; highlighting my close encounter connecting with a wide-eyed chicken a few days ago. 😉 … And yes, that’s snow and ice in the background. Spring has yet to connect with the state of New York!

It’s also my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:…

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