A TTC Streetcar Ride To Desire

Loved this.. This streetcar driver should be a stand up comedian.


“Why is the apple juice so smart? Because it concentrates.”

While uttering this joke at a party might get you a groan, it gets Malik Ataul laughs on his streetcar.

Ataul has been a TTC streetcar operator for three years and passengers and coworkers have come to appreciate “The Riddler” (a nickname he was given due to his repertoire of riddles). However, he’s also known for his jokes and friendly gags.

“For me, when people come inside my streetcar, I like to create an atmosphere where it’s family-friendly,” Ataul said. “When people come into my streetcar, I want them to have that experience.”

Prior to joining the TTC, Ataul was on a path to business. He said it started in 2003 when he attended Humber College to study business management, marketing, administration and personal finance. He said despite having seven certificates, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business…

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