HDR – Some Thoughts & Experiences Regarding In-Field Technique

Photograph of the Day 🙂 Love this one.

Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog

This is the first installment of what may turn out to be an irregularly presented, informal series of posts dealing with high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.  I don’t really have a firm plan for the series, so it will probably present itself in fits and starts.  I have no intention of creating a comprehensive treatise on the subject but I have a series of thoughts that are generally related to HDR that I’d like to express.

I’m starting with the working assumption that everyone reading this has a decent grasp of a working HDR definition; (very) briefly, we’re talking about the assembly of multiple exposures of the same subject via some sort of “tonemapping” software, with the rough goal of obtaining a better, richer tonal frame than can be obtained from a single image that isn’t subjected to a tonemapping process.  Obviously, there’s subjectivity to the evaluation; what constitutes “better,”…

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