tale of memories

Little Cubicle

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Have you ever thought why we could still remember the time when you threw Ken’s sandal into a small pond nearby the little wood in our hometown?

I can perfectly picture his cranky face—and then both of you ran after each other, until one of you falling on the ground and I had a good laugh to watch both your mud-smeared faces. Silly boys.

It was twenty years ago.

Eventhough we might have forgot lots of memories (oh, sometimes I feel glad that we have a chance to forget about the bad ones), there’s some part we always remember.

Isn’t it amazing, that the tiny part of childhood memory can show up, even after decades? I am not an expert of human brain physiology—or any part of the body, to be honest. Later I learn that brain store the memory with its magic ability to do its job.

Why do…

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