City of Lights by Sheikha A. (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Photograph of The Day:City Lights

Silver Birch Press

by Sheikha A.

The Sea View froths discreetly
fringing a once-bustling shore
of an expanding greyness
coming in from the city’s central
market smog, greying the moon
rising by a millimetre over the horizon
announcing tonight’s dusk will not be
a fanfare in colourful attire;

the sky rises above the water
like a black pyramid –
like the colour of beads
from the garland of a doom caster’s neck –
like the ink that writes truth
from the same black that taints it –

like an omen predicted before applied

a few brave souls can be seen
standing over a hump of rocks
bending out into the sea

but they can be easily mistaken
for the way they naturally blend
with the night;

the sea breaks under the sky
like an epigraph –
like a haiku short of breath
from having run a mile’s length
to tell…

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