Giraffes, Kenya, Africa.

Photograph of The Day: Reblog : Giraffes, Kenya, Africa

Natalia Maks

I love photographing these graceful animals. Kenya gave me the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat in Masai Mara, see their babies and playful teenagers at the giraffes ranch as well. At one stop in the National Park we observed the giraffe necking (not an American meaning:). Two male giraffes were gracefully dancing in circle and crossing their necks. It didn’t look like they hurt each other, however our guide explained that it’s their way to gain the dominance. I simply couldn’t have enough of them.
IMG_7950 copyIMG_7766 copyIMG_6424 copy

IMG_5836 copy

IMG_7779 copyIMG_7954 copyIMG_6418 copyIMG_6410 copyIMG_6407 copyIMG_6394 copyIMG_5830 copy

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