Why Booksellers and Publishers Shouldn’t Target Audiences

Loved this post! hope you write more of them.


As an author, when you submit your book proposal or final manuscript to a publisher one of the first questions you are asked is: “What is your target audience?”
This seems to me to be backwards, and I hope one day the flaw in this scheme is realized by publishers and agents before it’s too late.
Allow me to explain.
When The Hunger Games was a new and hot read, I’d walk into Barnes and Noble and see elderly people sitting up in the cafe reading these teen-geared books.
I can only name a number of adults on one hand who have not read the Harry Potter books.
My wife and I are in our 30’s and collectively, our favorite book genres are kids and teen books. Very rarely, if ever, do we browse through the general fiction section of a book store.
Movies, unlike books, don’t target just particular audiences, and…

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