A Time… to Fiddle

This photo is awesome! and if the photographer allows would like to write a short story based on the photo:)

Mum... how much longer?

Walking around St John’s, Newfoundland we chanced upon a wonderful bronze sculpture by Morgan MacDonald whose created some magnificent pieces of work not only in Newfoundland but across Canada.

The sculpture we were admiring was called “A Time“. It’s quite a large piece with six figures each reflecting various contributions of the Arts to the City of St Johns. I particularly like the fiddler!

The Bronze Fiddler of St Johns , Newfoundland

A Time” also commemorates The City of St Johns being designated a “Cultural Capital of Canada” in 2006.

Newfoundland was an unexpected gem with so much to see and do. Even the children are planning their next visit which for me says it all.

Hence, when it came time to leave Newfoundland and our plane was unexpectedly cancelled leaving us another day there before we could continue our journey onto New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, we all gleefully…

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