Up for Discussion – Architectural Photography

Awesome post on Architectural photography. Its really helpful and has some great tips combined with stunning photos.


My turn this week.  I have been trying to work out all week what I would discuss with you, I mean what could I possibly talk about?  I went through lots of ideas, copyright, critiquing images, something about blogging, and then I remembered my friend from a week ago telling me how she didn’t know how to photograph architecture.  So here we are on a Friday and I thought I would tell you something about photographing architecture, well I hope I can.

Architectural Photographyscchambers-5hpm7601-5

This has been my favourite type of photography, but for the last year I haven’t been doing a lot of it.  I think the new camera and learning to use my lenses in different ways has been partly responsible for that, but just recently, and with some reminders from other people, I’ve decided I should get back into it.

There are lots of different ways of…

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