Emily and the Runaway Wall

IT was great then and still is,. You should write more children’s stories!


I like this story my daughter and I made up quite a bit. I published it last January when I had no readers. I’d like it to have another chance to live, which is why I’m posting it again. Partly because this one is not dark and gloomy, which has been my trend of late, and partly because I just like it a whole lot. ~ Walt

Image courtesy of pamsclipart.com image: pamsclipart.com

A little girl was walking down the street when she noticed a wall approaching. This was no ordinary wall, like the kind made of brick or stone which stands firmly in place to keep people from going straight ahead. This was an inside-the-house kind of wall that seemed to have gotten outside the house and was now heading straight towards her.

How odd, thought the little girl. I’ve never seen a wall walking down the street before. I think I…

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