The Mountain is Not Kind- Art Journal Monday

Loved this.

Sleepy Coffee and Fables

coffee, art journals and mountains
Mountains sketches in art journal pages
the Mountain is not Kind
Mountains and Coffee sketches
Prose and Mountains
Mountains sketches, art journal
coffee and art journals
fables and coffee, art journal stuff
North Texas Art journals
Seattle dreams and Art journal musings

I moved away from the idea of mountains for a bit a couple of weeks after coming back from my short trip to Colorado (which I still need to post about….eventually…ahem…). The longing was still there, but there were other things that I wanted to settle my mind into, like topics of science, architecture and tiny houses, the Marvel fandom (specifically on tumblr, it’s such a beast of a community), and deserted towns here in North Texas to name a few. But the obsession is back in full force again, and while I still use every other weekend to go and explore the back alleys of towns that linger in the good ole’ western days of the 1800’s here, my heart is full of ridges and valleys, water filled dips and sun blessed plateaus. I don’t currently have any plans for travel, beyond just the usual wanderlust…

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