Tell Me Your Story- Trinidad, Colorado

Loved this blog post and hope you don’t mind me reblogging it:) It sounds like something out of a book or a movie. Your photos have given me some ideas.

Sleepy Coffee and Fables

Trinidad, Colorado
The sky is magnificent

A lovely scene, Trinidad CO
Skateland, Trinidad Colorado
Pete's Auto Repair, Trinidad CO
Up these rickety stairs
Fox, Closed Temporarily
Empty Wall, Trinidad CO
! Trinidad
Empty Storefronts, Trinidad Colorado
Things Lost

These flags and trains

There are some places you visit that inspire questions in you. No matter how many historical placards you come across, informative flyers or quick google searches you do, the questions remain and you wish you could have a little more time to explore.

Trinidad was never meant to be any kind of stop for us, just somewhere to fuel up before heading into the mountains towards our final destination, South Fork. But the sun was coming up and casting light over unfamiliar buildings and empty streets and even though I had been awake all night at that point doing a slightly grueling 12 hour drive, I had to stop and take a look around. I remember it was slightly chilly, the streets were completely empty, and it was like something out of a fairytale almost.


(Pt. 1 of the Trinidad story ) 

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A Time… to Fiddle

This photo is awesome! and if the photographer allows would like to write a short story based on the photo:)

Mum... how much longer?

Walking around St John’s, Newfoundland we chanced upon a wonderful bronze sculpture by Morgan MacDonald whose created some magnificent pieces of work not only in Newfoundland but across Canada.

The sculpture we were admiring was called “A Time“. It’s quite a large piece with six figures each reflecting various contributions of the Arts to the City of St Johns. I particularly like the fiddler!

The Bronze Fiddler of St Johns , Newfoundland

A Time” also commemorates The City of St Johns being designated a “Cultural Capital of Canada” in 2006.

Newfoundland was an unexpected gem with so much to see and do. Even the children are planning their next visit which for me says it all.

Hence, when it came time to leave Newfoundland and our plane was unexpectedly cancelled leaving us another day there before we could continue our journey onto New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, we all gleefully…

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Lets go to Colorado- Stay Awake All Night, Climb Mountains All Day

Sleepy Coffee and Fables

Night sky at the reststop
These Flags and Trains, Trinidad Colorado
My kind of freedom
Pizza at the Shaft (seriously)
The Great Divide!
Lobo Overlook, Colorado
These mountains, Colorado
The best burger we had in Colorado the pilars of woods here, Colorado
Brian in the San Juan Mountains
Moss covered rocks, Colorado
the landscape here Coffeehouse cafe
In my Pj, the cat was friendly
Breakfast of champions
Gas station dreamin'

So by now, it’s a known fact that I can never document my travel-adventure-whathaveyou things even close to the time they happen. But in between my day job, keeping up with friends and loved ones, the crap-top of creative projects i’ve got going on, not to mention my yawning cavern of endless procrastination skills, its sorta the best I can do. Anyways, with that being said, these photos were taken in August, and they’re just a brief overview of the time me and my bf spent in the San Juan Mountains region of Colorado. For the little time we spent there, just 3 days, we covered a lot of ground and over the next 2 weeks i’ll be posting more detailed posts of the areas I dragged him through- ehem I mean, of the areas we willingly explored together.


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Emily and the Runaway Wall

IT was great then and still is,. You should write more children’s stories!


I like this story my daughter and I made up quite a bit. I published it last January when I had no readers. I’d like it to have another chance to live, which is why I’m posting it again. Partly because this one is not dark and gloomy, which has been my trend of late, and partly because I just like it a whole lot. ~ Walt

Image courtesy of image:

A little girl was walking down the street when she noticed a wall approaching. This was no ordinary wall, like the kind made of brick or stone which stands firmly in place to keep people from going straight ahead. This was an inside-the-house kind of wall that seemed to have gotten outside the house and was now heading straight towards her.

How odd, thought the little girl. I’ve never seen a wall walking down the street before. I think I…

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