I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes

A great post and just thought I would share! Have a great day~

Some Bad Plankton

Well, some are so bad I’m not sure they qualify as poems.

Poem 1:
And he smelled like orange. And that was enough. I was enough.

Poem 2:
Can I have someone to talk to
Who will tell me if I’m racist.
Because I’m uncertain.
Can I stop saying, “that’s racist,”
And figure out the whys and the hows.
That way I won’t be scared when the black guy starts yelling outside my house.

Poem 3:
You may not share my wheel
It is mine.
It is no toy.
I’m stuck for life.

Poem 4:
My brother told me
He said that he likes football
He gets to hit some guys.
He said
When he went away that he missed
Hitting people.
Why can he hit people with his shoulders.
When I can’t hit anyone with my words?

Poem 5:
I’d like to be funny.
It shouldn’t take so much…

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